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The story behind the development of ETHOS PSYCHOLOGY comes from a learning experience with one of my brilliant supervisors. He was interested in linguistics and the scientific study of language and its structure. I learnt more about the meanings behind the psychological words, terms and their makeup where we don't have to veer too far from the language itself. 

Did you know, the word "psychology" can be interpreted as "learning of the soul" and has Ancient Greek roots? The syllable  "psych" comes from the Greek word "psyche" or "Psykhe" who was the Greek Goddess of the Soul. On the back end, "-ology" is a suffix in the English language (stemming from the Ancient Greek work -logia) meaning "the study of a certain subject". The Greek word "logia" derives from the Greek noun "logos" meaning "speech", "account" or "story" and in another word "learning". Logos comprises of noticing that someone has learnt and understood what you've said therefore it's thought that the logos is complete. In other words, it means that someone has received, noticed and understood what you've said where the message is now known. 

I started researching about the historic Modes of Persuasion of ETHOS, PATHOS and LOGOS by Aristotle. Ethos was a word that I'd heard of before to characterise our team spirit when I was on a winning swimming team. ETHOS characterises the spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations. I thought it was fitting for my private practice and what I hope to achieve with my professional work as a psychologist and my blog. 

The tiger represents an extension of me as I was born in the Year of the Tiger and characterises the "eye of the tiger" mindset.

I hope you enjoyed the insights and rationale in the development of ETHOS PSYCHOLOGY not veering too far from its roots.